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About the School

Imparting Knowledge

Foot Martial Arts has been teaching students for over 20 years. Head coach Nick Foot holds a fifth degree black belt in ju-jutsu and black belts in 3 other martial arts as well as coaching certification in several modern self=defence systems.Which include Btec Level 3 in self-defence and conflict management which are nationally recognised qualifications.  We want all of our students to develop their skill set even further, and push themselves to be the greatest they can be.


Martial arts mixed for you

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Kids Martial Arts

Class for children aged between 5 to 10 years of age. Students learn self-defence , ju-jutsu, kick-boxing. The class is 60 minutes long and works on building fit and confident children. 

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Standing to Ground

Hybrid Ju-Jutsu is a modern system of self-defence using the proven methods of the samurai. You will learn methods of control and defence for any situation.

FMA Kick-Boxing

Teenagers  and Adults Class

FMA kick-boxing  is a hybrid method of stand-up fighting. Can be used in the street for self-defence or the ring for sport. Combining boxing,kick-boxing, thai boxing and jkd for a very effective  system.

JKD and Kali concepts

The Way of the Inercepting Fist

JKD and Kali concepts is a blend of styles originating from the late Bruce Lee and  Guru Dan Inosanto


self-defence classes

Committed to Quality

Classes can be bespoke to your needs to meet the demands of your work place or personal safety. These are available  to small groups or individuels

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Nine Inch Ninjas

Our Nine Inch Ninjas class for 5 to 10 year olds, covers a mixed syllabus designed to help build your children into responsible Martial Artists and members of the community.

   FMA KIckboxing

Adults technical sparring during class

Supporting the Community

A Few photos from a series of free self defence sessions for Yeovil District Hospital staff

Opening Hours



Tuesday at Caryford Hall

1800 to 1900 FMA  Junior Kickboxing

1900 to 2000 FMA Senior Kickboxing

2000 to 2100 Self defence classes 


Wedneday at Unit 3 Alexandra Court, Alexandra Road BA21 5AL


1900 to 2000 Senior FMA kick-boxing 

2000 to 2100 JKD and Kali Concepts 16+

Thursday at Caryford Hall Castle Cary

1700 to 1800 Nine Inch Ninjas

1800 to 1900 Junior Ju- Jutsu

1900 to 2000 FMA kick-boxing

2000 to 2100 Senior Ju-Jutsu 16+

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